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Thank you for your interest in Montgomery College!

Please complete the form below and we will send additional information based on your interests.

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Information Please enter your full name using both upper and lower case letters as you would want it to appear on an official document. Please do not use any foreign characters or accents as these are not accepted by our system (ex: ñ, ó, ú).

(Example: First Name = "John"; Middle Name = "Allen"; Last Name = "MacMillan")

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Information Please provide your complete mailing address. This should be the address where you are most reliably reached by mail.

* For Address Line 1, please enter street address or PO Box using complete words (no abbreviations) and upper and lower case letters (Example: 123 South Lake Street).

* For Address Line 2, please enter apartment number and/or additional street address information (Example: Apartment 1A).

Use the drop down menus for State, County (Maryland only) and Nation.

* For Phone Number, please use the following format:
Box 1=area code; Box 2=7-digit phone number; Box 3=extension (if applicable).

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Information Please provide your primary e-mail address. An email address is required for Montgomery College communication purposes only.

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Information Please indicate your date of birth. Providing a Date of Birth will speed up the process of your inquiry.

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Information Please indicate your gender below.

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Information Please indicate the high school from which you will / have graduate(d). If you are not sure of the day of your graduation, use the first day of the appropriate month. (Example: June 01 2006) Click on Look Up High School Code to locate your school. This will automatically fill in the address information. If you do not find your high school in the drop-down list, enter as much information as you can in the fields provided.

For International high schools, please enter code "HS045"

If you did not graduate from high school but passed your GED exam, please enter the appropriate code from the following:
- For Maryland State GED, the code is "HS051"
- For other states GED, the code is "HS052"
Please use your GED date as your graduation date

If you didn't graduate from high school or pass the GED exam, please enter code "HS055"

Prospect High School
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Graduation Date: Month Day Year (YYYY)
Class Rank and Size: / (must be numeric)
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Information Term of Entry refers to the semester you wish to begin your studies. Use the drop down menu to select the preferred term

Prospect Entry Term
Term of Entry:Required

Information Please indicate your intended major or field of study from the drop-down menu.

Degree Code: AA - Associate of Arts, AAS - Associate of Applied Science, AS - Associate of Science, CT - Certificate, LR - Letter of Recognition.
Please note that depending on the program of study, there may be related certificate program options.

Prospect Major

Information We would like to know more about your interests. Please select one from the list.

Prospect Interests

How Prospect Learned About Us
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